Here are TERM AND SERVICE and other important travel tips that should be read and known by our beloved customers who are using our tour service:
  1. Reservation & Booking Procedures
If you are interested and want to book our tour service, please feel free sending us a message through our company’s email, hotline number or WA Messenger. After being your reservation–requested is received, we’ll book it, and there will be an official re-confirmation message that will be sent to you immediately.
  1. Payment System/Method & Transaction.
Payments system and transaction should be done by PayPal, transfer via Bank , Transfer Wise and cash in Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) or other foreign currencies such as: USD, EURO, GBP, etc that will automatically be converted in to the current exchange-rate of our local Bank or Money Changer.
  1. Bank & Money Changers
Banks and Money changers have a different exchange-rate with International rate due to we have only small local Banks  and Money Changers. Better rate is only in some big cities in Indonesia. Money changer has also limited available. If you start this tour from Bali or any well-developed touristic area in Indonesia, it’s better changing your owned currency there before traveling to our region or bring enough cash (IDR). We also have some banks with ATM Card service. Most of the hotels, restaurants, mini market or any shops are only possible to be paid in cash and really a few of them are acceptable payment system by using credit card.  
  1. Tour Price Components & Tour Program
We do not put the price in every tour program on our website. It will be known when we will correspondence each other before dealing it. We also have no fixed/detailed program due to it is flexible and can be customized according to the local condition.  If you have your owned program or you want to have a special program-requested, Please tell us ahead in order to be easily for us to try matching it as you want.
  1. Something to Bring during Tour
Please pay attention to bring some important things as mentioned beneath such as:  enough cash (IDR) for personal expenses, trekking/walking shoes, trousers, sweater, jackets, raincoat, good resistant of walking booth (in rainy season), sleeping bag for village tour program (if you sleep in the village), long sleeves, sun glasses, sun hat, mosquito spray, strong malaria prevention pill, sun lotion, towel, swimming suit, portable flash light, sandals, camera, video camera, passport, airline tickets and other important things which unmentioned here.
  1. Tour Facilities Condition
We’ve a high commitment to serve our clients wholeheartedly, but remember, this tour is based on adventure, and please do not expect that our service-given is like in Bali, and just want you to know that most of the tour facilities such as: accommodation, restaurant, boat trip, etc are simple and basic but at least they are clean and proper enough for the travelers to be used, except in Labuan bajo as the only well-developed touristic area throughout the island, it has a several options for those tour-facilities from basic till to luxurious one will be available depending on your request.
  1. Travel Insurance.
We kindly inform you that we do not include any kind of travel insurances during you use our service.
  1. Indonesian Domestic Airline
It sometimes has a problem with flight cancellation, delay, or irregularity of domestic flight schedule in Indonesia. We kindly suggest you that please re-check or re-confirmation your flight departure schedule at domestic airline company where you purchased or issued your ticket at least 48 hours before you are flying.
  1. Our Limitation & Responsibility
We always try to do best our job to make you happy and satisfied during your travel to our region. We act only as a local tours & travel agency who arrange your tours, transportation, accommodation, tour guide service and other tour components included in your tour package. We do not responsible for anything missing, damage, delay, cancellation or irregularities of flight schedule, minor or major accident including death, any natural disaster such as: bad weather, landslide, storm, rough sea or any force-major which are beyond of our control.  
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